Legal notice

You are on the Asociación de Epilepsia [Epilepsy Association] website. The association's tax ID number is B-63576813 and its registered office is at Calle Madrazo 33, 4ª 2ª, Barcelona, C.P 08006, Spain. The Privacy Policy set out below applies to all of this website's services as well as all of the pages and services added to the website in the future.

Safeguarding your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. When you ask us a question through our website you provide us with a set of information that allows us to identify you. The contents of our Privacy Policy will help you find out what data we gather, what we do with them, your rights and our obligations concerning users, and how such data is kept out of the hands of unauthorised third parties.

Why we store data

Asociación de Epilepsia uses a data processing and storage file to allow users to ask questions through the internet. This file meets the legal requirements stipulated by the Spanish Data Protection Act [Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal], as well as the technical requirements stipulated in the regulations [Reglamento de Medidas de Seguridad RD 994/1999] to ensure the data you provide is secure. However, the file is only temporary. The information you sent us will only be kept until your question has been replied to.

When you fill in forms to ask questions, you give your consent to processing of your data. The data requested on the form are compulsory. They must be filled in so we can answer your questions. Nevertheless, you are entitled not to reveal your identity by not entering your name and surname(s) in the fields provided on the form. Asociación de Epilepsia guarantees that the data provided will not be accessible by any person outside of the association and that they will only be disclosed at the request of the duly identified data subject.

Additional information

One method of gathering additional information from your visits to our service, such as the pages on our website that you visit most or the services you pay most attention to, is recording your computer's IP address. The IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your system whenever you browse the internet. Any webpage that you access immediately detects your terminal by its IP address. When you access any of our webpages, your IP address is automatically stored. The sole purpose of collecting this data is to produce statistics about visitors to our website to give us greater knowledge about how our service is working and allow us to improve it day by day.

The user’s rights

The data concerning your questions are eliminated once the reply to them has been sent and therefore they do not continue to be stored.

Asociación de Epilepsia guarantees that it will comply with its duty of secrecy concerning all data provided by the data subject.

Assignment of data

Asociación de Epilepsia does not assign data about questioners to third-party companies or organisations.

Changes to the legal notice

The user will be notified of any change to the legal notice in the “legal notice” section of the website, which will come into force once it has been published.

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